The following list of Questions and Answers has been compiled to provide quick guidance on GSTI features and common problems the user may encounter. It explains the GSTI Web Portal objectives, organization and usage.

What is the GSTI?

The European GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI) is a collaborative platform intended to support both developers of GNSS applications and equipments, and providers of GNSS testing and simulation tools or testbeds. It is an initiative launched by the European Commission and managed by the TEST CASE Consortium (see About this site and Who we are for more information).

What are the services offered by the GSTI portal?

The GSTI Web Portal provides:

- An up-to-date database of the available GNSS simulation tools and testbeds;

- A helpdesk support for GNSS devices / applications developers;

- An open platform to foster cooperation among the user and tools stakeholders community (Forums and Working Groups);

- Free-access to some on-line simulation tools.

- GNSS-related content offering added value to the test settings;

Some of these services are restricted to registered users.

Who can register to the GSTI Web portal?

The GSTI is available free of charge to any interested user and is offered on a non discriminatory basis.

You can register here.

How to use the database of tools?

The GSTI database of simulation and testing tools is available to all interested users in the “Tools” Menu. However, registered users can access advanced features to find tool(s) corresponding to their needs:

- Search by Key Word: You can specify the key characteristics, features, or name of the tool you are looking for;

- Search by Business Use Case: You can find tools corresponding to predefined scenarios elaborated by the GSTI Helpdesk;

- Search by Localisation: You can visualise the tools location on a map;

- Advanced Search: You can specify the values of the targeted tool parameters, test characteristics and preferences for the tests by completing a questionnaire.

Which kind of information is available in the tools database?

The GNSS simulation and testing tools database provide technical information (category of the tool, supported GNSS signals and frequencies, environment of use, target use) as well as access conditions (e.g. commercial purchase, renting, free access or loan) and point of contact details (emails or phone). Links to the tool provider’s website and datasheets are also included when available.

How can I get my tools registered in the GSTI?

You need to register yourself and your company (Login/Register). When your registration has been validated you will be able to add new tool in the GSTI database. Please note that all new information needs to be validated by the GSTI administrator before it is actually listed among all the available tools.

Which kind of support is provided by the GSTI Helpdesk?

The GSTI Helpdesk supports users for the selection of appropriate tools, the definition or refinement of testing and simulation needs, and can also help users to refine test plans and parameters or proposes advanced testing and simulations procedures. Any question on the GSTI itself can also be asked to the Helpdesk.

How to join a Working Group?

Participation in Working Groups is proposed to registered users who specifically ask to join a group. Request can be made through the “User Area/My Working Group” view. All requests for participation need to be approved by the GSTI Management Unit and the corresponding WG Chairman.

WG discussions are made on a private forum under the supervision of the WG Chairman while documents can be shared between WG members under Downloads/Working Group Area.

How to create a Working Group?

Any registered user can suggest the creation of a Working Group through the “User Area/My Working Group”. The rationale for the WG creation shall be detailed. Creation will be subject to the approval of the GSTI Administrator who will make available online the corresponding Working Group.