GSTI Helpdesk ready to support you

Published on: 2011-08-11

Everyone interested in GNSS testing can now benefit freely from a tailored support provided by key experts on GNSS testing and simulation activities.

The GSTI Helpdesk supports users in their selection of the most appropriate testing tools, but also in the definition or in the refinement of testing and simulation needs. For example, users might need to refine their test plan, to adjust some testing parameters, or even to look for more advanced simulations procedures.

You want to incorporate a navigation capability into your product ? You are looking for upgrading your application so as to make it compatible with several GNSS signals ? You are wondering how to start with ? The Helpdesk can help you to pick testing tools fit for your plans, and review with you the testing procedures required to verify your product's performances and functions.

Ask your question to the GSTI Helpdesk here. It's free.