GSTI Helpdesk and Tools Search now open to all users

Published on: 2011-10-14

The GSTI operation team is very pleased to announce that the following services are now open to everyone:

1. GSTI Helpdesk, helping you to pick testing tools fit for your plans, and review with you the testing&procedures required to verify your product's performances and functions;

2. Advanced tools search functions, allowing you to find testing and simulation tools through four different ways:

       -Specifying key characteristics, features, or name of the tool you are looking for (Search by Key Word)

       - Finding tools which correspond to reference test scenario elaborated by the GSTI Helpdesk (Search by Business Use Case)

       - Visualizing tools locations on an interactive map (Search by Localization)

       - Specifying the values of the targeted tool parameters, test characteristics and preferences for the tests (Advanced Search)