New free software 'Toolkits' bring EGNOS accuracy and integrity to smart phones

Published on: 2011-11-21

The European Commission has introduced free, downloadable and ready-to-use Toolkits to help anyone develop enhanced location and timing applications that harness the power of Europe s EGNOS satellite-based augmentation system.

Integrating EGNOS capabilities into GNSS-based positioning applications can be a time-consuming endeavour. The new EGNOS Toolkit provides an easy and effective way to harness EGNOS corrections in smart phone devices by clearly explaining what is needed and providing all the necessary files and resources.

EGNOS Toolkits include easily downloadable software packages, demo applications and other supporting materials, allowing application developers, researchers, university students and others to create, use and maintain EGNOS-capable positioning applications.

For receiver manufacturers and mobile phone developers, the EGNOS Toolkit contains free source code, allowing the easy integration of EGNOS capabilities into a smart phone.

For those who are simply curious, an EGNOS Toolkit provides a means of exploring and understanding the entire chain from the raw GNSS satellite signal to enhanced EGNOS positioning data.

Click here to have more information and download the EGNOS SDK!