About this site:

Welcome to the European GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI). This portal is a collaborative platform intended to support both developers of GNSS applications and equipments, and providers of GNSS testing and simulation tools or testbeds.

Simulation and testing activities are considered a key enabler for the uptake of GNSS markets.

In order to prepare for the advent of EGNOS and Galileo, The European Commission has launched the development and implementation of the European GNSS Simulation and Testing Infrastructure (GSTI) aiming at:
- Facilitating access to the available European simulation tools and testing facilities to any interested user;
- Promoting coordination among the different initiatives and encouraging synergies between tools and facilities;
- Ensuring that the needs expressed by the potential users are covered by the deployed testing infrastructure.

On this website, you will therefore find:
- Detailed information on specific GNSS testing tools and testbeds, giving you an overview of the existing test capacities in Europe
- General or user-specific advices and recommendations on testing issues and expert assistance through our helpdesk support (registered users)
- A discussion platform where you can exchange views and share experience of GNSS testing and simulations, and where WG can be set up
- GNSS-related content providing added value to the test settings (registered users)
- Free-access to some on-line simulation tools (registered users)


This web site is maintained by the TEST CASE Project.

TEST CASE is a Service Contract (TREN/09/FP7/GALILEO/316-2008/G3/SI2.552987) funded by the European Commission under the EC 7th Framework Programme.

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