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You can find tools which correspond to Reference Business Use Case - see list hereafter. This list of reference test scenario has been elaborated by the GSTI Helpdesk and is based on its experience and feedbacks gathered.

Test of an aeronautical Galileo + GPS dual frequency receiver at the design stage

This use case targets developers of aviation receivers who are keen to find the relevant tools for testing RF module, bandwidth processing or RAIM algorithm of receivers using GPS L1/L5 and Galileo E1/E5 frequencies

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Test and evaluate Galileo + GPS terminals regarding their interference and jamming resistance

This use case targets developers and/or purchasers of car positioning & tracking units for road tolling, electronic driver's log etc., who want to find appropriate tools for testing and evaluating an integrated GPS L1 + Galileo E1 in-car terminal with respect to its robustness against RF interference and jamming.

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Benchmark survey-grade receivers against performance criteria.

This use case targets end users of survey-grade receivers with the intention of informing product purchase decisions.  It may also be appropriate for receiver manufacturers or resellers, by providing metrics that can be used for marketing purposes.  The aim is to compare the performance of receivers against criteria such as accuracy, reliability, TTFF, robustness of solution etc, in both nominal and degraded (eg high multipath, high interference, limited sky view etc) conditions. The principal objective is to be able to compare currently available receivers against each other, although it offers scope to progress towards industry-standard tests should the market develop such an interest.

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Test a receiver equipping tracking and tracing user terminals under real environmental conditions

The use case objective is twofold: it targets developers of fleet management applications, who want to assess accuracy under  multipath and in general high fading/low C/N conditions of the user terminal (i.e. black  box) receivers. It also targets developers of special tracking applications (i.e. dangerous/valuable goods  tracking etc.) that, making use of EGNOS, want to assess the performance of the user terminal receivers in particular conditions, where the integrity check may fail.

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Testing RAIM algorithms

This use case targets GNSS receiver developers and users that need to find the appropriate tools for testing of RAIM algorithms implemented in a GNSS receiver. There exist a wide range of RAIM implementations resulting in various performances. The selected tools, allow assessing RAIM availability and performance of user receivers under different conditions, i.e., using single or multiple-frequencies, one or several constellations, etc.

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Testing Service Availability for Mass-Market Applications

This use case targets GNSS receiver developers and users that need to find the appropriate tools to test the availability of a system (GPS and Galileo) under specific environmental conditions (i.e., that implement different urban and/or multipath models). The selected tools, allow assessing availability under different environments combining, at least, GPS and Galileo constellations, following the trend of mass-market receivers.

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